Celia with Grandchildren

Did you know that we take as many photos every two minutes as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s? We can now take photographs 24/7, whether on our phones or cameras.  A lifetime of memories is held in our photos that document our lives and preserve our memories. Where are you keeping the ones that are important to you and your family?  Often, old photos are contained in a drawer or shoebox; digital photos are stored unorganized on our phones, computers, iPad, or external hard drives. You have these wonderful photos, but are you enjoying them?  It’s never too late to get your memories organized, displayed, and stored properly.

Out of the Shoebox Photo Organizing can provide a variety of services to fit every client’s needs.

  • Scanning paper photos, slides, kid’s artwork, scrapbook pages, etc.
  • Providing photo safety suggestions for paper and digital pictures
  • Obtain archival materials if desired
  • Assist in consolidating and organizing paper photos
  • Creating memory books
  • Organizing digital media and backing up photos

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